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Tires are durable and flexible. These characteristics make them a wonderful candidate for use as recycled products. They can be made into landscape materials, playground surfaces, athletic fields, rubber matting, and more. Even more exciting for the future is the use of scrap tires as an alternative source for energy production - with clean burning systems, they offer a powerful alternative to fossil fuels.

Emanuel Tire Family of Companies sits at the forefront of this exciting new industry. We have received national recognition for our efforts to establish standards in the scrap tire industry and for deriving new uses for shredded tires.

Recycling tires helps to beautify our neighborhoods and cities. By creatively reusing tires, we can create something from nothing — form and function from scrap.

We have several operating companies with operations in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia, employing approximately 200 people. We serve the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond, with wholesale used tire sales worldwide. Our headquarters is located in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
• Emmanuel Tire Company, located in Baltimore, Maryland
• Emanuel Tire Retail of Maryland, LLC, located in Baltimore, Maryland
• Emanuel Tire of Virginia, Inc., located in Appomattox,
  Lorton and Waverly, Virginia
Norman J. Emanuel first entered the tire business in 1957. over the years, Emanuel Tire Company and its family of companies has grown to meet the needs of the tire business community and local governments to dispose of scrap tires. For more information about our tire disposal services, please click here.
We now operate five tire recycling plants located in Baltimore, MD, Conshohocken, PA, Appomattox and Waverly, VA.
Emanuel Tire is a pioneer and industry leader in the field of tire derived products, which we produce at our various plants. For more information about our tire derived products, please click here.
We also sell quality used tires to wholesale customers worldwide. Additionally, Emanuel Tire Retail of Maryland, LLC, sells quality used tires directly to customers from our retail operation in Baltimore, Maryland. For more information on our wholesale and retail used tire sales, please click here.
Over the years, Emanuel Tire has grown to meet the growing needs of local governments and the private sector to dispose of scrap tires throughout the East Coast of the United States. Norman J. Emanuel has received national recognition for his efforts to establish standards in the scrap tire industry and for deriving new uses for shredded tire material. Mr. Emanuel holds patents for his innovative design changes to scrap tire processing equipment.
Our mission is to provide the most efficient, competitive priced disposal service on the East Coast of the United States.
   • We will place trailers at your site for collection of scrap tires.
   • We will provide individual pick-up service.
   • We do tire pile clean-ups.
   • Septic System Material (SSM)
   • Tire Derived Fuel (TDF)
   • Civil Engineering Material
   • Safe-T-Play & Safe-T-Footing Material
   • Sound Wall Material
   • Rubber Reclaim Industry Material (RRIM)
The scrap tires are shredded and manufactured into products that meet Federal, State and Local EPA regulations.
Emanuel Tire typically receives scrap tires four ways:
     1. Companies transport tires to our plant where Emanuel Tire personnel unload them.
     2. Emanuel Tire trucks offer route pickup service in metropolitan areas.
     3. Emanuel Tire trailers are spotted at high volume customer locations where
         the customer fills the trailer and calls for a trailer exchange.
     4. The clean up of illegal tire stockpiles.